2014 – Review of the Year!

Hello Dachshund Friends (and owners!)

It’s been a while since we updated the blog so thought, as we are coming to the close of another year, this would be a perfect time to share our favourite memories of 2014!

I gave up my job in IT at the end of April this year as I was in the fortunate position of being able to take a Summer sabbatical after more than 20 years solid work!  And what a Summer it’s been!

Of course, not working has allowed me loads of time to spend with Rusty and we’ve had many a wonderful walk in Bushy Park, enjoying the sunshine and avoiding the deer!

Some of you know we have a new housemate in the form of a puppy Beagle named Harry! He’s now 14 months old and daft as a brush!  Both Rusty and Shamas look on him as a tearaway infant and look on with disdain when he’s bouncing around the house and disturbing their sleep.  They are both little old men after all!

harryHounds of Hampton has started to outgrow my bedroom these days, so my pal James very kindly allowed me to move the business HQ to his pool house which is currently not being used.  It means my bedroom can become a bedroom again and we have a fantastic ‘studio’ to spread out and work more effectively.  This does of course mean there is ample opportunity for larking about by the pool!

hulaThe hot Summer days can be too much for some folks though….here’s my landlord Bill taking a snooze with Rusty, Shamas and Harry!

snoozeWe’ve also rekindled our love of horses and made a new canine friend in Minta, a beautiful blonde Labradoodle who has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a dog!  Here we are assisting James and his horse Breeze at Hall Place Hunter Trials in August.

hallplaceAnd another of us supporting James and Breeze at the Pyrford Saddle Club Show!


Not that I’ve been neglecting Rusty in favour of another dog!  We’ve spent loads of time together and it’s been wonderful to spend more time with him (even if he prefers snoozing to any form of excitement!)

rudjamesAlso in August, we took a fantastic holiday in Devon, a place (surprisingly) I’ve never visited before!  We had a wonderful week staying in a caravan and visited lots of different places.  Here we are on Dartmoor, enjoying the sunshine and amazing views although the wind sent Rusty’s ears into a serious flap!

dartmoorAnd here we are enjoying a stroll along the prom in Sidmouth!

sidmouthBack home again, and Rusty looks unhappy at being invaded by a rather large puppy!

IMG_1307We had a small sewing-machine-gone-kaput incident at the end of November and had to invest in a new one.  In fairness, my sturdy Brother machine has lasted twenty or so years and, with the amount of use it gets, finally gave up the ghost!  We’ve invested in a whizzy new Janome Heavy Duty model which took a while to get used to but now is proving to be an amazingly worthwhile purchase!

Now of course, Winter is here and Christmas is fast approaching, which means a busy time for us making lots of dog coats!

I am looking into the possibility of expanding the business in the New Year, launching a small range of Dachshund-themed soft furnishings such as cushion covers and footstools initially.  This will be under the banner ‘Hounds At Home’ so look out for further information soon!

We’ll be heading up to Cambridge later in the month to spend Christmas with my parents.  They have a rather excitable Staffie so will have to keep him separated from Rusty in case he sees him as a tasty snack!

For now though, we’ll sign off and wish you a very happy festive season.

James & Rusty xx

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