About Us

Rusty is a red, smooth-haired miniature Dachshund, born in March 2004.  His registered name is ‘Master of Mystery’ and there was never a more apt name for a dog!

He shares his home in Hampton Wick with his owner James, his dog friends Shamas and Harry and a rather unfriendly cat.

James is 39 and is easily recognisable by his retro moustache and style of dress.  He has owner Rusty for around six years now.

Hounds of Hampton was founded in 2011 after a fruitless search for a simple, classic yet funbstional coat to keep Rusty warm and dry.  Due to his unusual shape (which we like to call ‘a dog-and-a-half long and half-a-dog high) James decided to craft one of his own.  This proved to be successful and a small business was born!

Much as Rusty is the ‘star of the show’ and official ‘Mascot’ of the company, Hounds of Hampton are happy to tailor make coats for almost any breed.  However, as you’ll see from the ‘Who’s Wearing Us’ page, coats for Dachshunds are pretty popular!


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